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Services Offered

Spring Clean Up
Clear Fallens Debris, De-thatch Lawn
    Clean Out and Redefine Edges Around Planting Beds
    Air Sweep Driveway, Walkways, Patios, and Decks

Landscape Design/Installation
Site Survey - Consult with Client, Design Layout
     Natural Stone - Walls, Walkways, and Patios
     Retaining Walls - Segmented/Interlock, Boulder, Granite
     Paver and Brick - Patios and Walkways
     Water Features - Ponds, Fountains, and Waterfalls
     Outdoor Entertaining - Custom Bar, Kitchen Areas, Fireplaces, 
     Hot Tub and Spa Areas, Shade Pergolas
     Foundation Planting Design - Creative ideas for the planting
     boarder around your homes foundation
     Native Plantings - Benefits Wildlife, Low Maintenance
Screen Plantings for Privacy and Windbreaks
Drainage and Erosion Solutions

Mulch Bed Service
Redefine Edges Around Planting Beds, Clean Out Debris,
     Install Mulch to a Level Finish
     Mulch Selection - Triple Ground Premium Brown Mulch
     Specialty Mulches - Color Enhanced (Brown, Black, Red),
     Double Ground Brown, Pine Bark/Nugget, Hemlock, Cedar

Mulch Bed Maintenance
Redefine Edges Around Planting Beds, 
     Weeding and Turning of Mulch in Beds, Deadheading of Flowers
Prune and Shape of Hedges, Shrubs, and Trees

Lawn Installation
  Screened Topsoil, Spread and Graded, Quality Seed Selection,
     Starter Fertilizer, Erosion Control
     Choose From - Hand Seeding, Hydro-Seeding, and Sod

Lawn Repair
    Soil Testing - Basic On-site PH, Professional Lab Testing
     De-Thatching - Removal of Thatch Build Up
     Core Aerating - Loosens Compacted Soils
     Over Seeding - Slit Seeding of Turf Areas
     Spot Repair - Topsoil, Seed, and Fertilizer

Lawn Mowing
Clean Cut, Trim Edges Along Driveway, Walkways, and Mulch 
     Beds, Air Sweep Driveway, Walkways, Paitos, and Decks
Service Offered Weekly and Bi-Weekly

Fall Clean Up
Leaf Pick Up, Final Mowing, Clean Out of Mulch Beds, Clearing of
    Fallen Debris, Cutting Back of Perennials, Pruning of Trees and
    Shrubs, Winterization of Shrubs and Plants, Installing Deer Fence

Snow Blowing/Snow Plowing
Snow Blow Walkways and Paths, Clearing of Driveway
     Includes Driveway Markers
     Optional - Salt Spreading

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